Couldn't do that on a Mac? Really

It's August 2016 and Microsoft are pushing their Windows 10 Anniversary release.

I have that exact version installed on my work laptop. Admittedly, it hasn't got a touch screen but it is running Windows 10 and apparently, it can do things that a Mac could never do. I am however, struggling to discover exactly what that is though.

Now, the adverts have a bunch of creatives using a Surface to do artwork. Well, at least they can now use a tablet for design stuff, but that isn't anything new. Adobe released a whole suite of tablet type apps to allow for exactly that quite a while back to complement the Creative Cloud suite of apps and allow for creativity on the go.

Back in the 90's Wacom had a product called the Cintiq. Cintiq This was basically a graphics tablet with a built in screen that acted like a touch screen device, and guess what, you could use it on a Mac - which most folks did. There were even those brave souls that used them with their Windows 98 machines, but they were few and far between.

So, the phrase 'I couldn't do that on a Mac' is simply wrong.