Introductions to node, angular, stylus and jade

JavaScript has always been anathema to me. The simple Java like structure conflicts with the power and complexity of what lies beneath. While JavaScript has its role in the web designer's toolkit in engines like MooTools, Dojo and jQuery, raw JavaScript is usually overlooked as it is cumbersome, complex, is treated differently by different browsers and difficult to debug. This is exactly how I have ever used JavaScript. Choose a framework and do what's necessary with that.

Recently, I was introduced to the node.js family of angular, stylus and jade. These are very powerful tools that allow you to leverage all of the best bits from JavaScript libraries, css and html with fully compliant and semantically correct code. Angular.js is a powerful library from those boffins at Google that allows for the creation of compiled dynamic bootstrapped html websites running in a SPA (Single Page App). Stylus is a loose library used for creating css where nesting is not only allowed, but recommended. You don't even need to drop the curly braces, colons and semi-colons, but you can drop them should you like. Jade is a shorthand markup for templating html really quickly using indentation to structure the page or block. I will be adding some examples as time goes by for all of these.

Suffice to say, writing websites/apps in JavaScript is new for me (at the time of writing this) and the learning curve is manageable but steep. I also need to keep up with all other bits such as Drupal 8, Symphony and Yii.