Welcome to my world

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stuart Harding and I am a freelance web developer and graphic designer who does the occasional illustration from time to time.

I use PHP and (My)SQL along with the joys of front end development using CSS, HTML and javaScript to create full websites from scratch or customising CMSs (content management systems) such as Drupal. The choice isn't always apparent until you know exactly what the website is going to do.

You can have full integration with Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, or even check-a-trade if you like. If the site you want integrated offers the facility, it's a simple matter of having the right keys.

Koi Carp Illustration

Very simple illustration of a Koi Carp completed in ink. It was stippled using a .18 isograph pen onto CS10 paper

RPS Group website

Website built in Kentico, .net framework. A pure template driven cms.

A Praising Comment

Now, let me see how far I can crawl into the duvet before I poke out of the other end.

Sample Testimonial

Someone said something nice and sent me the text for display. That's what's here!

New contract

Tomorrow, I start a new contract with a local software company. It is initially to rework/develop/design their current website. Although the scope may change over the next two months.

PDO from objects

This class creates a bridge between the object and a PDO instance and can be used in any part of a cascading class system to connect to a database and throw it a whole bunch of queries.

Remember if using this to define your DB variables somewhere.


This function takes elements from an array and turns them into html links.

There is no sanitisation of the passed array values as it is meant for use from trusted database entries or hard-coded arrays.


A more helpful way of displaying the output from a call. It utilises the not too well known second argument in the function

Defer script loading

Using the Google WebMaster tools is a must, but they sometimes have an approach that won’t suit your specific needs. The page load speed tools look at many aspects of the page’s structure and offer advice and assistance to get them performing as best they can.