SVG Spinners

A short while ago, I created a spinner for Angular 1.x. This was borne out of a need to have actual control over the spinner that was not available, such as diameter, speed, colour and so on.

I created a hugely simple directive that allowed all of those and more. It is also used in a current SAM (Software Asset Management) tool. All it requires is a basic knowledge of the css position property.

Anyway, not too long ago, Angular2 was released from beta and as it was now stable, I decided to create a version for that written in typescript. This is even better and far more extensible, so over time a whole load of new features and functionality can be added. I have created a small distribution that can be viewed here (opens in a new tab or window) which demonstrates the basic usage of the spinner and its variants.

All I need is for some interested parties to like it enough to contribute. I have the GitHub repo which they can submit pull requests.